Sonntag, 13. Dezember 2009

JimPanzer - Basenight @ Radio Lotte, Weimar (12/09)

My part of our monthly radio session at Radio Lotte. Mixing is not the best (lack of hardware, wrong warp mode), though worth a listen ;)
Thanks to all the artists sending over dubs and to rofigu from digitalGEWITTER.

Scuba - Symbiosis
ASC - Focus Inwards
Diazepam - Distances
Consequence feat. Instra:mental - Reflex Reaction
Moderat - Out of Sight (Wintermute Remix) [Dub]
SKV18 - Trampoline Queen
Consequence - Long Lies
dBridge - Memory Park
Consequence - A Man and A Woman
Skyence - Hubble [digitalGEWITTER Dub]
Deep Focus - Digerati [Dub]
Despot - Empty
Consequence - Flashes
Mr Sizef & Unquote - Hours Have No Reverse Motion
ASC - Porcelain
Consequence feat. ASC - From A Distance
Getz & Nuage - This [Dub]
Deep Focus - Empty [digitalGEWITTER Dub]
Wintermute - Stay With Me (Teaser) [Dub]

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