Mittwoch, 6. Januar 2010

June Miller - Knowledge Mix (01/10)

June Miller is the name of a drum & bass / dubstep duo you'll be hearing a lot more of in 2010. Get the latest on what they're up to and download their amazing exclusive mix.
Data - The Fall of Phaeton (forthcoming Broken Path)
Irrelevant - Grains (Myrkur RMX)
Juswan - Azure (Forthcoming Red001)
Jack Sparrow - The Chase (Tectonic)
June Miller - Shizgara (Forthcoming 54 dub)
June Miller - Humidity (Forthcoming Tube10)
June Miller - Brussel North (Forthcoming 54 dub)
Mike Sheridan - Dine Grønne Øjne (Playground Music Scandinavia)
Scuba - Symbiosis (Hotflush)
Triad - Distraction (forthcoming Deep Soul Music)
Circa - Zone
Cern - Human Being
Sabre & Ulterior Motive - Barefoot (Forthcoming Subtitles)
June Miller - Untitled
Spectrasoul - Wedgehead (Critical)
June Miller - Untitled
Zero-T & Ulterior Motive - Breach (Forthcoming Subtitles)
Anile - The Tribe (Forthcoming Deep Soul Music)
Alix Perez ft. Zero-T - Suffer in Silence (Shogun Audio)
Stray - Talking About Nothing (Forthcoming Med School)
June Miller - Half Top Feelings (Forthcoming Horizons)



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