Montag, 26. April 2010

Free MP3: S13 - "Yourself" EP


"Once two different stories began. As the result we give you the bestquality electronic music for free. S13 has been a big secret but nowit's time to tell you the truth.

Nestle down and don't talk. Hear the cold and depth of his thoughts. Feel the sand and gaze of his mysterious eyes. Discover his weird Earth Ulro.

We want to thank 'Switched!' for the mastering, 'Artishock' for the artwork and Azrail1124 for the network connection."

S13 - Yourself
S13 - Sandstorm
S13 - Immortal
S13 - Earth Ulro



Impressive Release! Immortal is not a tune - it's a jackhammer! sick!

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