Dienstag, 30. November 2010

JimPanzer - Schmidtcast No.13

Schmidtcast delivers you weekly the finest selections by local DJ's. This is my contribution - a Dubstep Set with excursions into House, UK Funky and other genres. Enjoy and make sure to check out schmidtcast.tk for more great music every week!

Appleblim & Ramadanman - Void 23 [Aus Music]
dBridge - ZX81 (Shed Remix) [Fat City]
Basic Soul Unit - Jak'd Freq (A Made Up Sound Remix) [Crème Organization]
Cosmin TRG - Groove Control [Rush Hour Recordings]
Scuba - On Deck (FaltyDL Remix) [Hotflush]
Martyn - For Lost Relatives [Aus Music]
Greena - Actual Pain [Applepips]
Elgato - Tonight [Hessle Audio]
Unknown - WAX2002 [Wax]
A Made Up Sound - Rear Window [Delsin]
Roska & Untold - Long Range [Numbers]
Pearson Sound - WAD [Hessel Audio]
Martyn - Miniluv [Ostgut Ton]
Dexter - Redbox [Dolly]
SBTRKT - Colonise [Young Turks]
Model 500 - OFI (Mad Mike Remix) [R&S]
Boddika - Boddika's House [Naked Lunch]
Untold - Stereo Freeze [R&S]
Ramadanman - Glut [Hemlock Recordings]
Pariah - The Slump [R&S]
Pearson Sound - Blanked [Hessle Audio]
Pangaea - Because of You [Hessle Audio]

JimPanzer - Schmidtcast No. 13 by JimPanzer

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